Due to questions and concerns regarding new Independent Brand Ambassador enrollment and placement, we have created a holding tank that is now live. 

What does this mean? 

All new Independent Brand Ambassador enrollments will enter the holding tank for 24 hours following their enrollment.

This will allow each sponsor 24 hours to manually move the new Independent Brand Ambassador enrollment anywhere in their organization.

Important Things to Note:

In order to use the holding tank, every Independent Brand Ambassador currently registered with Globallee, Inc. needs to set their genealogy settings as “Use Holding Tank” and then save the updated settings.

The holding tank functionality will not be available unless you make this settings update.

If you do not place the new enrollment within 24 hours the system will automatically place the new enrollment on the lesser leg to balance teams evenly and maximize commission payouts. 

If you do not select the holding tank setting then the system will continue to auto-place enrollments in order to balance teams and maximize commissions.

Please remember to update your settings to “Use Holding Tank”.

Instructions on how to set your holding tank settings are below.

For questions please contact our support team at support@globallee.com
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