Fun Facts here again, delivering exciting information on our favorite Globallee products straight from the formulator and CEO, Mark McKnight! 

Each week, Mark will provide exciting and interesting insights into Globallee’s basic business philosophy:   

Great Ingredients → make Great Products → Great Products → result in Happy Customers!

Today we’re talking about ETERNITY™ Bio Identical Progesterone Cream a revolutionary product that is helping to stop hormonal imbalance before it starts.

The world faces so many endocrine disruptors today. These come from EDCs or Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. These disruptors block endocrine receptors and cause stress to the body because normal endocrine functions are not being received correctly. 

Exposure to EDCs can happen anywhere like from the air we breath, the food we eat, the beauty products we use, industrial chemicals, and other consumer products like plastics or household items.

In fact, The average woman applies over 300 EDCs daily. 

That’s why ETERNITY™ is so important! 

ETERNITY™ is created with Bio Identical Progesterone, the highest quality Progesterone that helps regulate your body’s Endocrine system and unblock your endocrine receptors. Progesterone is considered the Master Hormone because it controls over 27 hormones in a female’s body. 

Take control of your body. Stop the imbalance before it starts. Try ETERNITY™ today!

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