Fun Facts here again, delivering exciting information on our favorite Globallee products straight from the formulator and CEO, Mark McKnight! 

Each week, Mark will provide exciting and interesting insights into Globallee’s basic business philosophy:   

Great Ingredients → make Great Products → Great Products → result inHappy Customers!

Today CEO and Formulator, Mark McKnight, will be answering some frequently asked questions about ETERNO™ Youth Body Transformation. 

How long does one order of ETERNO™ Last? 

That depends on your body weight.  For an adult that weighs more than 200 lbs, they take 6 capsules each night, 30 minutes before going to sleep.  In that instance, the ETERNO™ Capsules and Cream will last for 1 month. If someone weighs under 150 lbs, then they only take 4 capsules before going to bed and the ETERNO™ pack will last for 6 weeks.

Keep in mind that you use ETERNO™ for 5 days each week and that you don’t use ETERNO™ 2 days each week.

What kind of shelf life does ETERNO™ have?

ETERNO™ shelf life is 24 months. 

Do I need to exercise when I use ETERNO™?

For good results, you can use ETERNO™ without exercising.  However, for best results we recommend that you exercise the morning after taking ETERNO™.    Exercising fully activates all of the key natural ingredients in ETERNO™ and we recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Do you have to take both the pills and the cream together for it to be effective? 

No, you do not have to take both. You can use either the capsules by themselves or the cream by itself.   However, for best results, we recommend using them together, as described in the instructions.

What does each separate item in ETERNO™ do? (the pills and cream)

ETERNO™ contains ingredients that are specifically designed to: 

  1. Support natural growth hormone production (both the ETERNO™ cream and the ETERNO™ capsules)
  2. Support improved release of growth hormone into the body (both ETERNO™ cream and ETERNO™ capsules)
  3. Support deep, restful sleep (only the ETERNO™ capsules)


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