Here at Globallee, we LOVE Rhodiola, and if you are an avid TAKA drinker—then you probably love it, too! Rhodiola Rosea is a key ingredient in customer favorite TAKA.

Some say, “Live Long and Prosper!”  We say, “Live Long and TAKA!” (#TAKATIME) because TAKA is packed with super nutrients (like Rhodiola) that fuel our body’s healthy lifestyle. Rhodiola specifically can help:

  1. Decrease Stress
  2. Fight Fatigue
  3. Improve Brain Functionality
  4. Improve Exercise Performance

Our Rhodiola (also known as Arctic root or Golden root) is grown in an environment that is 100% natural and organic. It comes from the great country of Canada.

Rhodiola roots contain 140 active ingredients, many of which are considered adaptogens meaning they help your body adapt to stress when consumed. And luckily for you, our Rhodiola contains excellent levels of most nutritious part of that adaptogen root: Rosavins. So all you have to remember to do is feel less stressed, be nice to people, and drink more TAKA!

Come taste, see, and feel Rhodiola for yourself at our DISCOVER Fall Expo this October in Las Vegas!

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