And we’re back with another incredible success story – Schelli Teats! You might recognize her name, because last month she won our Preferred Customer Summer Promotion with 55 new customers! You heard that right, 55 in just one month!! This girl is on fire. *cue Alicia Keys* 

Montana Native Schelli Teats is a wife to her husband Brian, who is a science major at Montana State University, Mom to her two beautiful daughters; Kherington and Briar, and a self described meme enthusiast (our type of girl!).

She joined Globallee in July of this year, after a friend suggested TAKA as a way to regain the energy lost from late nights nursing her youngest.

Schelli was so impressed with the products, she became an ambassador on day 3 of her trial and hasn’t looked back since. In between school pick ups, snack preparation, and soccer practices; Schelli is dedicated to telling everyone she knows about TAKA, ETERNO, and ETERNITY, and she’s also on a mission to see families and futures bettered through the business opportunity. She’s even joining us in Vegas for DISCOVER Globallee as we officially launch worldwide!

In her downtime you can find her curled up on the couch with a hot cup of tea, her favorite blanket, and a self help book. She says Atomic Habits was life changing, and suggests it to anyone and everyone she meets.

Keep reading for her insider tips to success: 

Globallee: What is the “secret sauce” of your business?

Schelli: Haha, that’s a great way to put it! I’d say my secret is really no secret at all, it’s all about relationship and trust. I am passionate about the products and what they can offer to my customers and friends; natural energy, reduced inflammation, appetite support, well you know the rest, haha. That passion drives purpose, and as I place the products in each person’s hand, the momentum of changing lives keeps me going.

Globallee: What challenges were you facing and what helped you to solve them?

Schelli: I think with any new network marketing company, people are apprehensive and skeptical. There’s a sense of “what are you trying to sell me now?” And I’ve had to overcome many objections from those believing I was offering them the products for my sake. Developing that relationship and trust is key, because as you help them to fix their specific problem, take the time to send information/ingredients/testimonies, and follow up to see how they’re doing; they realize you’re in this to help them, not sell them. That’s been huge for me, I have 55 new preferred customers, but I’d call them 55 new partners in this journey. I’m invested in their success, we’re building a community, and that’s exciting.

Globallee: What motivates you the most to find, seek, and garter success?

Schelli: People!! People are my passion, helping them is my purpose. My husband and I are committed to seeing those around us have the tools they need to live better. I want every person we encounter to leave us better than they came. If that means they have a product in hand, fantastic…but even if they don’t, they’ll leave with the encouragement that they’re not in this alone. Today’s kind words become tomorrow’s new customers. So, I’m always aiming to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of those around us.

Globallee: What encouragement or advice do you have for your fellow ambassadors?

Schelli: From a practical standpoint, make use of the Share Ups, those have been paramount to my success so far. 95% of my preferred customers started with a Share Up. I lead with the quality of the product, but also the value of the price point. I’m proud of it, it’s affordable AND I emphasize the power of TWO. A couple can afford to experience this journey together at a greater value. Everything is better with your best friend, so it’s been exciting to see couples jump on board together!

AND stoke your passion daily. Read and reread the testimonies of those who have experienced change. Lead with that and don’t lose the vision.

I’m so excited to be a part of something bigger than myself, and to change the world for those around me. Love-Give-Now is so much more than a quippy saying, it really is a blueprint on how to change the world, and we’re fulfilling that mission together.

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