Today we’re featuring our Georgian powerhouse Emerald Executive – Holly Rylee. Let’s call Holly the “customer queen” because she has won the Preferred Customer Summer Promotion for 3 months straight! That’s $3,000 she’s made in just contest winnings!

Holly gave us permission to leak a few exclusive insights into her business:

Globallee: What are your keys to success in sharing the business and product?

Holly: My biggest key to success has been making genuine connections with new people. I never lead in with a product pitch or business opportunity. I connect, interact and establish a relationship first.

Globallee: How has Globallee been a good fit for you?

Holly: As a busy wife and mother of two young sons, network marketing and Globallee allow me to provide a stream of income while still being present with my family. I get to attend school events, travel, and network with new people all on my own terms.

Holly’s story is incredible. As a full-time mom and wife, she has created an incredible business all from her home (and her classroom because let’s add 11th grade teacher to her list of superpowers!). She is such a valuable member of our Globallee family! Her genuine dedication shines.

Now we want to hear each of your success stories!

Start sharing them and use the hashtag #goinggloballee!

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