We’re excited to feature Texas local for this week’s success story – Emerald Executive, Tara Eschberger! #goinggloballee

Tara Eschberger does it all. Entrepreneur. Mom. Fashionista. Wife. So much more! She is a real life wonder woman.

Tara lives in Flint, TX with her husband, Justin, and their daughter and two sons. Coming from experience working in the oilfield, they are excited to share with us their success with building an at-home business with Globallee.

Globallee: What is your “secret sauce” of business?

Tara: My secret sauce is getting as much product into people’s hands. We use the share up packs constantly and have been very successful. I love the packaging and it has everything one needs to get started on the samples. After that we follow up and invite them to the next meeting.

Globallee: What motivates you?

Tara: I am motivated by helping others get healthy results and putting a few extra dollars in someone’s bank account. Sharing great products and earning enough commissions to help pay for their own auto shops or family trips, car payment whatever will increase their own motivation for success.

Globallee: What encouragement or advice do you have for your fellow Independent Brand Ambassadors?

Tara: The advice I have for everyone. Never give up. Network marketing is not an overnight success but it is constant. Literally anyone can have success if they overcome their fears of talking and sharing these amazing wellness products!!

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