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Friday Favorites: Benefits of I.F. 💚

Intermittent Fasting is a completely new way to look at your diet. 

“I can’t believe what has changed since I started Intermittent Fasting with BeneTRIM and TAKA!  In the past, when I tried to follow I.F., it was hard to succeed because I would crave any type of food, but mostly unhealthy food.  With Globallee’s Intermittent Fasting Pack, I have tons of energy and I am absolutely not hungry until 2 pm or 3 pm in the afternoon.  Maintaining my I.F. “eating state” from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm each day is EASY with these products. In the first two weeks, I have lost 8 lbs.”
— Chris (Dallas, Texas)

People around the world are seeing incredible results. 

Because Intermittent Fasting and Globallee’s products are the perfect partners. 

A simple formula of superfoods, nutrients, and vitamins that help your body remain in a fasted state and support weight management – making Intermittent fasting a little easier on your mind and a much more successful for your body. 

A revolutionary way to help your body take bad weight off while keeping healthy weight on.

So how does it work?

In fed states, our bodies use glucose (or carbs) for energy. 

When we are in fasted states, our bodies have used up available glucose and so they transition to burning fat for energy and fuel. 

Who doesn’t want to burn fat?! 

The bottom line is that Intermittent Fasting gives our bodies time to reset. When we take breaks between meals (hint, hint, by fasting) our glucose levels are able to stabilize, and your body can access fat for fuel (instead of just glucose).

Fun Facts: ETERNITY’s key Ingredient

Fun facts here again! Today we’re focusing on ETERNITY Organics key ingredient – Progesterone. 

Most are familiar with estrogen, but, what is this hormone, Progesterone? And, is it safe?

Most are familiar with estrogen, but, First, we need to clarify the difference between the progesterone that is made by your body (the safe one) and the progesterone that has been molecularly altered (the prescription one).

It is really important to understand these two progesterones:

1. The one made by your body is bio-identical & safe
2. The synthetic version (progestin, progestogen, or mediroxy-progesterone acetate)

Most fail to distinguish between the progesterone (progestins) that have many undesirable side-effects and the progesterone (bio-identical) that, when used according to directions, has no recorded side-effects.

Bio-identical progesterone, when supplied in a proper cream formula, has 40+ years of safety and effectiveness.

The confusion comes from the fact that most will use the term “Progesterone” when referring to bioidentical progesterone made by the body and “MedroxyProgesterone Acetate” (progestins) synthesized by drug companies.

The synthetic molecule can be patented, the natural molecule cannot.

So, when you hear that progesterone has a litany of side-effects, the reference is to the synthetic MedroxyProgesterone Acetate, the progestins.

There are no published side-effects for the body’s bioidentical progesterone.

Why is Progesterone The Master Hormone?

The female body makes 27 different estrogens just one progesterone.

Progesterone is the precursor to many beneficial hormones in the human body. Two of the most important hormones are estrogen, and testosterone (primary source of libido in both genders).

Progesterone is the key hormone responsible for pregnancy and conception.

For this reason and more, progesterone has been labeled as the Master Hormone in women.

To learn more about progesterone, join us at DISCOVER Globallee! We will have exciting keynote speakers, expo booths, and more all about this incredible product!