Friday Favorites: I.F. Testimonials

Intermittent Fasting is a completely new way to look at your diet.  It’s not so much what you eat – but WHEN you eat.

People around the world are seeing incredible results!

Down two holes in the belt and 16 lbs since January 3rd. My wife is down 15 lbs. We are loving the BeneTRIM/TAKA™ plus IF challenge.

Thank you for the help and support.
This is Game changer. No more of my kids calling me St. Nick like they were during Christmas time 🤣🤣

—Nick (Texas)

Hi my name is Janessa… Since starting TAKA™ at the end of October, I have lost around 5 or 6 pounds. I only IF occasionally maybe for 12-14 hours. Maybe 2-3 times a week. Then on black Friday I ordered my first BeneTRIM and have lost another 4-5 poundsStarted at 222 Ibs, now down to 212 Ibs so far.  I LOST 10 POUNDS DURING THE HOLIDAYS NOT EVEN TRYING TO REALLY IF AS MUCH AS I COULD AND….. NO EXTRA EXERCISING EITHER!!
I take 1 TAKA™ and 1 BeneTRIM (mixed in with my coffee) Mon-Fri every and other Saturdays completely skip Sundays. Here and there I’ll take another TAKA™ or BeneTRIM. But for the most part that’s my schedule. I COULD JUST IMAGINE IF I BUCKLED DOWN AND REALLY DID THE IF CHALLENGE ON A REGULAR BASIS, DRINK 2 TAKA™ EVERY SINGLE DAY AND 2 BeneTRIM 6 DAYS A WEEK LIKE SUGGESTED WHERE I COULD BE AT!! I will buckle down just one step at a time lol! I’m a single mom to a handsome energetic 3 year old boy, work full time and since starting this product my house is cleaner, my energy lasts thru out the whole day BUT I don’t crash anymore! I have broken my monster energy drink habit as well!! My goal by 2021 is to be back at my pre-baby weight of 175 Ibs. And I don’t look like I have lost a ton of weight but it’s almost like its moved things back into place ……super weird…. haha but awesome!! I wasn’t allowing my self to take pics of my body because I was so ashamed and embarrassed, I am starting to get my confidence back little by little.

—Janessa (Arizona)

Low quality photo for one. BIG. personality!
First I just want to say how much Globallee and my team mean to me! I was in a rut with my health and honestly didn’t know which way was up. They helped me see the light and there is no turning back now!
Thanks to TAKA™, BeneTRIM and IF I lost 9 pounds in less than 2 weeks!
It wasn’t nor is it easy for me to change my mind set but after seeing these numbers…I can’t turn back. Mind|Matter is still going to be huge for me but I’m ready to fight the battle every day until I win the war ❤️TAKA™= Me not feeling hungry, lesser headaches, healthy digestive tract.
BeneTRIM= No hunger, better portion control and better weight management.
Globallee= Supporting the life I want to live 💙
—Danielle (New York)

Thank the Lord for BeneTRIM and TAKA™ for making this less stressful!!! I have so far to go but I’m happy with my results thus far. 🙌🏼

—Katie (New York)

Intermittent Fasting and Globallee’s products are the perfect partners! 
Our I.F. Success Pack (TAKA™ plus BeneTRIM) is a simple formula of superfoods, nutrients, and vitamins that help your body remain in a fasted state and support weight management – making Intermittent fasting a little easier on your mind and a much more successful for your body. 

So how does I.F. work?
During an “eating” state, our bodies use glucose (or carbs) for energy. 
When we are in a “fasted state”, our bodies have used up available glucose and so they transition to burning fat for energy and fuel. 

And who doesn’t want to burn fat?! 
The bottom line is that Intermittent Fasting gives our bodies time to reset. When we take breaks between meals (hint, hint, by fasting) our glucose levels are able to stabilize, and your body can access fat for fuel (instead of just glucose).

And the best part is? Globallee’s products give you the boost you need to maintain your fast and be successful. 
Globallee’s TAKA™ and BeneTRIM are formulated to help support success with I.F.  They are full of powerful ingredients like Turmeric, Spirulina, and Sphaeranthus Indicus & Garcinia Mangostana that help your body stay in a fasted state longer and curb your appetite — all without turning on digestion in your body! Join our 30-Day Challenge going on now! 

2020 Goals with Lamia

2020 will be an incredible year. A year of dreaming, believing, and most importantly, achieving. 

No one does that better than our President, Lamia Bettaieb.

Born and raised in Tunisia, Lamia always had a vision of a better life for herself. 

“I always told my family, someday I will be a millionaire and travel the world,” Lamia says. “I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I knew it would happen.”   At the time Lamia made this statement, she did not have a bank account or a passport. She literally had no money!

Lamia’s first step? Google. She started browsing the internet at a local internet cafe looking for information and inspiration. She typed in “how to be a millionaire” and saw some videos about network marketing. She watched one particular video featuring former US President, Bill Clinton, and Lamia was very interested.

“I didn’t have any idea what network marketing was,” Lamia says. “But I knew it was going to be my path to achieving my goals.  I declared to my family “I will be a millionaire through network marketing.” They thought Lamia was crazy, but she had the internal drive to make it happen.

Lamia knew she had to start taking action. Shortly after her discovery, one of Lamia’s cousins called and asked her to come to a network marketing presentation for a technology/energy company. Lamia was ready. 

When she got to the meeting, she realized she didn’t have a paper to take notes on, so she started taking notes on her hand. When there wasn’t a spot for her to sit, she went to the front of the room and sat down on the floor, in front of all the chairs. Nothing was going to stop her. 

“My heart was beating so hard,” Lamia says. “I drew the circles on my hand.  I then went home and showed my family the circles on my hands and told them that this is how I am going to become a millionaire. They all thought I was crazy!” 

She decided to partner with the company and get started. But Lamia had many obstacles to overcome in order to build her dreams. First off, she didn’t have the Visa credit card she needed to enroll. Secondly, she had no money. She didn’t let either of those things stop her. She taught herself about electronic banking and completed all the proper steps to get a card and place her first order. 

Her next challenge? Her laptop wouldn’t hold a charge. This meant that when Lamia went to the coffee shop to work, she had to be next to an outlet at all times so her computer could be plugged in. She did hundreds of presentations this way. 

 These challenges might have stopped a typical person. But Lamia is not typical and her results are not typical either. Her hard work and perseverance paid off as her business began to blossom. 

 Lamia’s biggest drivers of success weren’t things she learned about from Google. They were things that had been inside of her along — passion and belief. 

“When people listen to my voice, they believe me because I believe it,” she says. 

After 9 months building up her network marketing business in Tunisia, Lamia moved to Dubai,  UAE and fulfilled a lifelong dream. 

Lamia was an integral part of helping her company expand internationally in Asia and then to the United States. She became a top earner in her company. She loved the success and being able to help others achieve their own success. Not only did she become a millionaire, she became a multimillionaire! 

In 2016, Lamia decided she needed to spend some time re-aligning herself with her goals and her personal mission. She traveled to Thailand and completely unplugged from technology for an entire week. At the end of the week she decided she wanted to take on a new challenge with a new company. 

Many executive teams courted Lamia, but nothing felt right. She realized she didn’t just want to join an existing company, she wanted to help start one. 

Around this time, Lamia became friends with Michel Pensivy who told her about his friend, Mark McKnight. Shortly thereafter, Lamia was literally in the middle of being courted at a USA company on the west coast.  She told that company’s President, I cannot make the meetings because I have to go to Dallas and meet my brother. There she met Michel, Mark and Mark’s wife Nicole and a close friendship was born.  

She instantly felt at home with Mark, Nicole and their family. She knew that Mark was the person she wanted to lock arms and build a great company.  Mark, Nicole and Lamia’s friendship continued in 2017 and early 2018. During the summer of 2018, Mark introduced Lamia to Nauder Khazan and the trio became a GLOBALLEE team. 

At a recent Globallee event Lamia shared her success story and concluded with the belief in her heart that the success of Globallee is already here.

“It is done!” Lamia says. “Our success is already done!” 

Lamia knows that to be successful at anything, you have to act as if it is already done.  Take action and never give up. 

Success Stories with Martin Ryf

We’re excited to share with you another incredible success story! This one is truly global. #goinggloballee

Swiss 1-Star Emerald Executive Martin Ryf gives us the scoop on how he’s found success with Globallee through team building.

Martin has an incredible story. He was first introduced to Globallee by a friend, and as soon as he tried TAKA – he was hooked! As quickly as he began loved the products, he soon learned he loved and connected with the corporate leadership even more. He knew Globallee was the company for him.

Martin’s presence in Switzerland is an important part of the company’s international trajectory.

Globallee: What is your secret to motivation?

“There are so many obstacles I’ve had to overcome,” Ryf says. “You just don’t give up!

“You have to be able to motivate yourself. I am motivated by the freedom of being able to do what I want, when I want, and I get that in network marketing. It’s not about money, it’s about what money allows you to do.”

Globallee: Tell us about building a team in Switzerland, have there been any obstacles?

“Most companies take years to get into a new country, but we are starting out International and it’s amazing,” he says. “It’s not easy for a company to come to Switzerland. We have very strict regulations and it’s hard to get your products registered here, so it’s a big deal.”

The flexible schedule of direct sales allows Martin to spend time with his kids and participate in sports. And when Martin’s mother was ill, he was able to take time off to care for her.

Martin continues to lead the charge for Globallee in Switzerland and can’t wait to see it spread around the world. #goinggloballee

Success Story with Rob & Chika

Introducing today’s success story – Rob & Chika Griffin!
Texas locals Rob and Chika Griffin have been working hard to build their business and find success with Globallee. #goinggloballee

Their entrepreneurship ventures have given Rob and Chika the time freedom they’ve been searching for. It’s helped Chika’s dream of working & spending time with her family finally come true.

Get to know some of their secrets to success below!
What is the “secret sauce” of your business?

Our Secret Sauce is, “simply having fun while you are building your business.” If you are not having fun, your business will drag you down. Keep a positive mindset, work hard, and you can achieve anything you want!

What motivates you the most to find, seek, and garter success?

Our mantra is “God didn’t put you on this earth to pay bills and die, he put you here to make a difference.” We are also keenly aware that our children are watching us, and we want to model success not just talk about it.

What encouragement or advice do you have for your fellow ambassadors?

“What one man can do, another can do”. You don’t need any special skills to win at Globallee, you just need a white hot burning desire and be willing to be coached by those who are already winning.